Why I Let My Ice Cream Melt

To start my vacation, after work I went to the GS25 to get some ice cream bars. Grape, tiramisu, and a strawberry cheesecake as well as some Sprite and soju. The most annoying part of soju is that it costs 1,010 won. Every item in Korea is on the hundred otherwise. I hate getting those 10 won coins. Worthless.


I went to my apartment building then had to go for a long walk in the 83 F and 86% humidity--the convenient store black plastic bag still dangling from my fingertips.


On the walk, I saw three rhinosceros beetles so big if I stepped on them the with the 285 millimeter shoes Not-Mom bought me two Christmases ago the head, tail, and wings would be apparent on all sides. I wasn't sure all my weight would squish one. They're not dangerous, intentionally, because they have no stinger and cannot bite, but by that logic, neither is a meteor. The sheer mass of it could certainly leave a bruise. That horn could take out an appendix.


One beetle was opening a swinging glass door to a mountain climbing shop, or trying to with some success.


Another beetle was creeping across my path and I almost turned around to retreat--again, but a high schooler in her Sailor Scout uniform ran into me from behind and, shuddering, I stepped over it.


The final beetle was also the first beetle. Carrying that convenient store black plastic bag, I saw it once again looming above the apartment entrance.


I summoned all my courage and dashed beyond it with my melted ice cream and I'm never leaving again.


I don't care. Bugs are gross. Shut up.