It's Almost Here!


Eidolons is my first book published.

I’m very proud of that.

It started as a blog when I was lonely after boxing club one night studying abroad in Wales. The blog had over 10,000 reads by the time I finished so going into this, it was already a success to me. Through it, I met people who’d become precious to me still five years later. Whatever happens with it, however many it sells, however people like it, I did my best on it.

Nothing wrong with getting a little sappy, right?

If you just want to read it in paperback, you can pre-order here and Amazon will fulfill that on December 4 (my birthday!).

Amazon pre-order page here

If you just want a kindle version, that’ll also be available on the same pre-order page on December 4 or 5, but there’s no pre-order because self-publishing through Amazon doesn’t make that easy. I’ll push the book live and then files have to convert and I don’t know why I can’t convert them now but I can’t.

Since anyone reading this is a friend, you’re excited for me! I owe you a big thank you for all the support along the way and even if it seemed small to you, it meant a lot to me. I’ve had a lot of late nights fretting where I’d message people (which works great with the time zone). Some of you have helped me critique rough drafts of the cover. The hugely talented Jaqspur even contributed the orange peal in the corner of the cover. I’m getting sappy again.

So maybe you want a signed copy?

You’ve come to the right place. 

You can order them now at my site’s Store page and when the books arrive in Korea, I’ll get them to you signed as fast as the pony express allows. Horses are surprisingly strong swimmers; however…


It will take longer shipping to me in Korea then to you wherever—it might take a month or more.

It’ll cost more. Anyone who’s shipped abroad knows it gets expensive.

I can afford to do this for only a limited amount of books.


I hope you understand, and again, thank you for supporting me. 




Amazon page

Store page for the signed copy

A very cute hamster video